Tree Trimming FAQs

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Can I trim my trees myself?

Tree trimming has a huge effect on the health of your trees and it is best done by professionals. You can put yourself and your trees in danger if tree trimming is not done correctly.

When is the best time of year to trim trees?

While tree trimming can be done throughout the year, the best time to trim a tree is from fall to spring. During this time of year, the trees respond better to trimming and the climate provides a healthier environment.

Are there any danger signs to look for?

There are many things that you can look for to see if you may need tree trimming services such as:

  • Dead wood
  • Hangers or broken limbs that could potentially fall
  • Competing limbs - limbs from the same tree or different trees that are rubbing against each other
  • Rot and decay around the trunk

How often do I need to get my trees trimmed?

It is best to trim your trees every three to five years depending on the age of the tree. It is recommended that you have your trees inspected every other year to ensure there are no potential dangers.

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Before & After

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house after trees were trimmed
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